Get on-time and on-budget results, increase team collaboration,
improve visibility into project milestones and track your project progress

  • Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Whatever industry you are in, projects and people need to be managed to show results. And ProjectToolBelt is your tool for measuring and managing projects easily. ProjectToolBelt is designed for easy task creating, allocation, sharing and reporting. Looking up a task or document can be done in a jiffy with our advanced elastic search that picks up search keywords from all objects created.

  • Better Team Cohesion - Collaboration

    Better Team Cohesion & Collaboration

    With documents that can be commonly edited - everyone on the team gets the same and current version. This avoids any misunderstanding due to missed communication and improves team co-ordination. A cohesive team gets things done quickly and efficiently.

  • Better Visibility into project progress

    Better Visibility into project progress

    Gives managers a birds eye view to help them plan resources better. So whether you are an entrepreneur wearing different hats or a team lead with a team of 3 or 10, or a business owner managing many business units - ProjectToolBelt gives you the tools to succeed.

  • Risk Mitigation and Better Planning

    Risk Mitigation and Better Planning

    With a Risk Planning and Mitigation module that can be added on, make sure you have all project risks documented and insured. No other project planning software has this advanced feature.

  • project cost reduction

    Project Cost Reduction

    Due to increased efficiency and productivity, the entire project cost can be reduced. This can translate into huge savings for the company and improve its topline. ProjectToolBelt helps you do more with less.

  • Reduced IT Costs

    Reduced IT Costs

    With our cloud based software - save on server and maintenance costs of running your own project management software. All latest upgrades are automatically available on the cloud version.

  • Single point access to all information

    Single point access to all information

    Having your project documentation all in one place ensures peace of mind and saves time in looking up emails and searching for files on your multiple storage places. Dropbox and Google Drive integration coming soon.

  • Security of data with backups

    Security of data with backups

    SSL integration ensures all communication goes through secure, encrypted data channels.

Presenting ProjectToolBelt a free and fully featured project management tool

Free up the time you spend on project management by managing all your resources, clients and tasks and discussions on ProjectToolBelt.

Fully integrated with Planmyleave - HRIS and Online Leave Management System

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