Free project management software for real time team collaboration

ProjectToolBelt is a free project management software designed to work for teams of all sizes in multiple locations. ProjectToolBelt offers a fully featured toolset to manage people, projects, tasks, sub tasks, notes, discussion threads and documents all in one place. This results in time and cost savings as well as a rise in productivity of the organization. Get your team on board ProjectToolBelt to get on budget and on time results. The real time workspace with activity streams shows you progress as tasks are updated or completed in real time. Determine the direction your team should take - pivot or change direction in agile workspaces or plan for the long term using our timeline view, project calendars and counters and reports. ProjectToolBelt is fully integrated with MyWebTimesheets an online timesheets submission and approval software with comprehensive features for timesheets capture, multi path approval, reporting and analytics.

ProjectToolBelt helps you focus on running your business. And frees up your mindspace and desktop

Our free project management software will help you to manage all your project information, tasks, subtasks and files. Whatever industry you are in, you can do resource allocation, load management, view counters and graphs to see project progress. By managing your team intelligently you can save up to 50% on your project management costs. Whether you are in building construction or software development, run an ad agency or a event management firm, ProjectToolBelt helps you manage your projects. View project progress on dashboards and get real time updates. Fully integrated with Planmyleave - our cloud based HRIS and Online Leave Management system.

Clear view of project progress and work load allocation

Business decisions should be taken with a clear mind. Often project managers need to juggle their time and people and balance it in their memory or using spreadsheets notes and emails spread in various places. Switch to ProjectToolBelt and get organized with your teams and project related information. ProjectToolBelt has all the tools needed to manage multiple projects with multiple teams efficiently (except of course the project manager's acumen!). The quick search feature helps you find any document or note or discussion from anywhere easily. There is no need to refer multiple email threads on various topics - all discussions can be done in the same workspace - so that teams spread across the world or across your room all get access to updates instantly.

Technology has changed the way you run your business - there is a lot of data to manage, there are changes that one must anticipate and risk factors in any project that need to be monitored. With over 122 features that make project management a breeze, ProjectToolBelt addresses the needs of the business owner, the busy manager, the entrepreneur, your team mates and your customers. Using ProjectToolBelt you can manage unlimited projects, unlimited users and have free access to project management tools to plan and execute projects easily.

Multiple Projects

ProjectToolBelt is designed to work for multiple projects with multiple teams. Team members can be shared. Permission levels can be set to share information between team members and projects.

Any Industry

ProjectToolBelt is designed to work for any industry - IT, manufacturing, construction, retail, art, boutique, startup, travel, hospitality or even home projects by an individual.

Share Information

Share documents and files from your computer / Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Permission settings can be applied to decide how much of visibility team members get.

  • Projects
  • Project Templates
  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Checklists
  • Todo Lists
  • Gantt charts
  • File sharing
  • Notes
  • Discussion threads
  • Timetracking
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Load Management
  • Project Budget
  • Costing
  • Collaboration
  • Calendars
  • Risk management
  • Reports
  • Powerful search
  • Data import
  • Google Drive integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Box integration
  • Onedrive integration
  • Share documents

Project Management

ProjectToolBelt is a fully featured free project management software for managing people, projects, tasks, notes, discussions and documents.

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MyWebTimesheets gives total visibility into how your workforce spends their time. Capture customer and project info and time spent on tasks and breaks.

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Human capital management software to store employee details, documents, emergency contacts and simplify employee onboarding and offboarding processes.

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Our customers are our biggest advocates. Hear their experiences...

We have been using ProjectToolBelt with MyWebtimesheets within our Engineering Department to track individual engineers and drafters time against projects, based on the specific tasks and activities performed. I have found MyWebTimesheets site to be intuitive and very flexible as an administrator and users have appreciated the ease of drop down selections to reduce the time spent filling in their weekly timesheet. The technical support has been outstanding and very quick to respond to answer any questions I have had. MyWebTimesheets has been the best tool we have found that is fully on-line, off-site and accessible from anywhere and provides the flexibility we need to manage our teams time effectively....

--Graham Wood, Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment, Australia

"I love the ease of use of Projecttoolbelt! Prior to using Projecttoolbelt I had always found it hard and time-consuming to keep track of who's working on what, progress being made and the balance of tasks that needed to get done. Now I have visibility into what is getting done, who's available and who's on leave and can plan activities around the team calendar easily. Integrating ProjectToolBelt with Planmyleave has helped us to maintain our HR information and automate our leave workflow requests - so anytime I can check my staff availability on the team calendar. The quick ToDo Lists and Checklists are a great feature that helps me jot down quick notes."

-- Alex Whittaker, Capital Technologies

Presenting ProjectToolBelt a free and fully featured project management tool

Free up the time you spend on project management by managing all your resources, clients and tasks and discussions on ProjectToolBelt.

Fully integrated with Planmyleave - HRIS and Online Leave Management System