Task management

A task is the actual executable work that can be assigned to your team. Using FreeProjectManagementSoftware Pro you can create tasks and subtasks as well as recurring tasks. Tasks can be assigned multiple team members with one responsible person. If your project is broken into project modules, the task can become part of the entire task or of a project module.

  • Select the module, set milestone and task type and assign priority level. You can set an approval path for the task - so when it is completed it can be approved and reviewed by up to 3 persons on the approval path. A task can be assigned to multiple team members and team members can be added or removed later while editing task related information. Billable status can be set tp Billable, Non-billable or Partially billable. Later you can integrate this with Project Billing and Timesheets modules.
  • Estimated as well as actual dates and costs can be set for the tasks.
  • A unique feature to copy tasks helps you to copy all task data either within the same project or to multiple projects.
  • The task status can be easily changed from a set of default task status. We can also customize task statuses for your account. It is easy to add a task note. Due dates can be easily set for today, pushed over the weekend, pushed by a week or pushed to the weekend.
  • You can add a task to your My favorites list.
  • The status log would show the audit trail of status updates with percentage completed timeline.
  • Documents can be uploaded for a task and categorized to folders. They can be easily downloaded and searched for later.
  • Once a task is added you can have a discussion thread with a discussion topic to answer any task execution questions or clarifications. this makes it easy for team members to collaborate on the task execution and have knowledge shared easily within the team members assigned to work on the task.
  • The activity stream shows a real time update of all task updates. Emails will be automatically sent to team members as the tasks are updated.
  • You can also start a timer when you start working on a task and stop working on it. This will record the actual time being spent on task execution.

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